martedì 1 settembre 2009


Awash in melancholy autumn light
I wash the linens of ten beds and
As I practice the Zen
Of swimming pool maintenance
The water still feels like liquid summer
Silk satin sheets

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Erobintica ha detto...

very nice - I like "As I practice the Zen of swimming pool maintenance"

Neve Black ha detto...

Oooh, I like it a lot, Bella.

Craig Sorensen ha detto...


Liquid summer.

Sounds lovely to me, and I'm a fall person!


Isabel Kerr ha detto...

Thank you Robin! It can be very Zen like and yoga like. I'm often out there early in the morning when it is quiet and just warming up. We're trying to take advantage of the last really warm weather to enjoy it too.

Thanks Neve!!!

Craig, thank you, and this doesn't even begin to describe the sensation... I'm a summer person and am gathering all my psychic forces to be able to face winter. Although I love fall too, and it rivals the north east US here for color etc., it turns to a long cold winter spell.

Thank you all very much for stopping by!

Donna ha detto...

Ah, Isabel, I feel like such a newbie at poetry appreciation, but you've pushed me into the deep end with this evocative and Zen-like poem! Love the contrast of linen and silk. It makes me all squirmy :-).

A truly lovely, bittersweet way to start the morning of my oldest son's first day of high school!

Isabel Kerr ha detto...

Thank you Donna, I'm honored and touched that you can connect with the tactile aspects of my poetry. A friend once said it is "experienced rather than read" and your association with linen and silk is right there.

As for transitions, a son starting High school is right up there with the big ones. Mine is starting middle school, and I feel his trepidation, experienced rather than read...

Thank you Donna.

Danielle ha detto...

beautiful...:-)nothing else but beautiful..thank you for sharing..:-)

Isabel Kerr ha detto...

Danke vielmals, Danielle.