giovedì 24 gennaio 2008


I write by the seat of my pants.

Amy Winehouse

I love Amy Winehouse. God damn it keep her safe.

lunedì 21 gennaio 2008


I am fit to be tied.

domenica 20 gennaio 2008


I am a born again sexian.

venerdì 11 gennaio 2008


Ok. This year I'm going to explore a number of themes and be more active in the Tank, for instance. The themes will include, but not be limited to:

What turns us on about someone when they're not "perfect." For me it has to do with their mind, as Prince says "In a word or two, it's you I want to do, it ain't your body it's your mind, you fool." You?

How is it that we can find someone truly sexy but not "have to have" him or her. Sort of passive attraction, but then there are people who we know we have to have in some way.

Setting. Can I create a story that is all about a sexy setting? It's the ambience and not the people that set the mood.

I want to explore why my stories do or don't work for you. Tell me please if you happen to see one at Ruthie’s you like or don't.

And thank you for commenting here and/or MySpace or the Tank.

May you have a very sexy 2008