mercoledì 19 agosto 2009

Ruthie's Club

I am very sad to have received the announcement that Ruthie's is taking an hiatus. I wish everyone there the best, and express my always huge appreciation for how supportive they have been.

Hope to see you all back there in 2010!

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Craig Sorensen ha detto...

Wow, I'm sorry to hear that. Ruthie's is such a warm gathering place for readers and writers of erotica, I hope they come back around.

Isabel Kerr ha detto...

Me too Craig. They have always been great to me and you meet the nicest writers there!

Emerald ha detto...

I also felt surprised and saddened when I received that announcement, and I wish all the best as well.

Thanks for this lovely acknowledgment, Isabel.

Isabel Kerr ha detto...

Hi Emerald,

Yeah, they have been so supportive of me, and so many of us, I hope they'll be back. Thanks for being in touch.

Brett Tho ha detto...

I was one of the illustrators for Ruthie's Club, I really enjoyed reading and illustrating the many stories, I thought Ruthie's would be back in Jan. but haven't heard from Des. I think there should be an illustrated erotic site especially with the Ruthie's people.

Brett Empty