martedì 10 marzo 2009

A little inspiration for Sommer

If I could do it honey, so can you...

Palo Alto Associates In the Running

It had been raining for months in California, but on Sunday morning, February 27th, the sun was shining and there was the promise of a beautiful clear day ahead. Five Saks Fifth Avenue, Palo Alto Associates had been training for weeks for the Bonne Bell 10K Run: 6.2 miles through Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. It was a beautiful course to look forward to.

In early January, Kita of Palo Alto’s receiving department had campaigned for runners to join her. She convinced the store’s Assistant General Manager of Operations to sponsor tee shirts with the SFA logo. We all had a training schedule and went diligently to work.

The race was on! Kita and Rosanne started with the 7 minute milers. Ann, Carole and Kerry hung back around the 10 minute sign. We all pranced along for a minute or so until the crowd of 5000 women spread out along the route, And then it started to rain.

We ran and ran. Being unfamiliar with the route, the markings seemed to be miles apart. You never knew what to expect and around the next curve. There were crowds to cheer us on, even in the rain , and we needed them.

Two miles into the run everything was wonderful. It was just sprinkling after all, and besides, the run was all dowhhill, so far. However, what goes up must come down and vice versa. We started the climb and then it started: “This is the last hill,” they shouted, and up and over the rise we went. And again, “this is the last hill...”

That line will forever stay in my memory as one of those famous lies, right up there with “your check is in the mail,” etc. The encouragement worked, however. We all finished the race, Kita finished in 43 minutes, Roseanne, 48 minutes, Carole, 53; Ann Benedict and Kerry, 56 minutes, It was a terricìfic experience, friendships developed, we’re in great shape, and thanks for the Tee shirts Diane, your confidence got us going. Now, on to the Streets of Palo Alto 10K Run in April.

Corporate Newsletter
Focus on SFA
Saks Fifth Avenue, Palo Alto
March 1983 (?)

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Erobintica ha detto...

Obviously what Sommer needs is the proper togs. Love that photo - I won't ask what vintage that is, but I can guess - but not aloud ;-)

So, you used to be in the Bay Area too? I grew up in San Jose.

I walked today - I gave up running decades ago - to much jiggle factor - it could get dangerous - I could knock myself out. Hehehe

Isabel Kerr ha detto...

Hi Robin!

Yes, that was another life, and a lifetime ago!

Walking and running, (but swimming is my real love, butterfly is my stroke: it's all in the hips ; ) ) are great times to compose stories and/or poetry, right?

Thanks for checking in.

Smut Girl ha detto...

I want to look like that when I run. I am all wrapped in layers, sweaty and red faced.