lunedì 23 febbraio 2009

X marks the spot

As you see, my notebook tends to be combination notes and sketches. I jump from one thing

to the other,

taking inspiration from this or that or the other thing,

and work it out here.

Though I may be a multi tasker, like Craig or Jeremy or Shanna or Nikki or Rachel or others too talented and numerous to mention, (see blogroll) alas there aren’t nearly as many gratifying and well deserved X’s through my pages, like Sommer’s or Erobintica’s, or well earned phenomenal stats. I am just, in the second sense of the word, a dilettante.

Here's to you all!


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Craig Sorensen ha detto...

I love your sketches, Isabel!

Keep making those X's!

Jeremy Edwards ha detto...

Your notes are so thought-provoking! They'd make a fascinating agenda for a seminar ... not to mention an interesting shopping list!

And thanks for the shout-out!

Cora Zane ha detto...

Ooh, cool! Love checking out personal notes. You have nice handwriting. :)

Erobintica ha detto...

Isabel - these are wonderful!

As for X's - I've only got one so far - at least of the type Sommer has - lots of cross-outs though, hahaha. I still have not had the nerve to take a picture of my notebooks - maybe I'll get brave today.

And thanks for the linky thingy.

Neve Black ha detto...

Look at you, multi-tasker-talented artist! Very nice.

Your notes are so much neater and orderly than the way I take notes. It's impressive.

Poetry ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.
Isabel Kerr ha detto...

Hi Craig, Thank you! Just as I enjoyed Cyn's paintings and your poetry.

Jeremy, thank you too. These were the notes for a poem, "Tradition and Change" (in the global community) I did for a show sponsored by whose theme is Tradition and Change in a small community. the poem's here. (and there are also shopping lists in my notebook too, I just figured I'd spare you those ; ) )

Hi Cora, Very nice to hear from you and thanks!

Hi Robin, thank you! You will have many X's soon, I can tell. Post your notebooks, they are a wonderful window on our work.

Hi Neve! Thank you dear, doesn't matter how neat you are, just that it gets the job done. ; ) ciao


T. Elle Harrison ha detto...

Great sketches! I do a variation of this sort of brainstorming also.
Thanks for sharing!

Isabel Kerr ha detto...

Thanks Elle! Nice work.

Emerald ha detto...

I love the sketch of the woman from behind!

Isabel Kerr ha detto...

Thank you Emerald!!! It's my favorite too