domenica 25 gennaio 2009

Feast your eyes on this...

In honor of the blog roving sensual feast, isn't this the sexiest broccoli you've ever seen?

Follow the feast this week:

Sunday January 25--Amuse-bouche Host: Craig Sorensen

Monday January 26—AppetizerHost: Shanna Germain

Wednesday January 28--SoupHosts: Helia Brookes and Jeremy Edwards

Thursday January 29—FishHost: Neve

Friday January 30--Meat EntréeHost: Kirsten Monroe

Saturday, January 31--Vegetarian entréeHost: Donna George Storey

Monday, February 2--SaladHost: Emerald

Tuesday, February 3—DessertHost: Sommer Marsden

Wednesday, February 4--Petit Fours and trufflesHost: Nikki Magennis

8 commenti:

Neve Black ha detto...

Isabel -
Hi there! Si'. That broccoli is gorgeous. It looks like it could be in wedding boquet, or maybe it should accompany the bride and groom on their honeymoon. :-)

It's great to hear from you, little bella!

Craig Sorensen ha detto...

What a lovely Broccoli, Isabel!

Thanks for stopping by and indulging, and for putting out the word!

Isabel Kerr ha detto...

Hi Neve! I've always loved that shot, it reminds me of a perky little breast, with a very cold nipple, ; ) Nice to hear from you!

Hi Craig, Thanks, isn't it wonderful. And you're welcome, it is indeed my pleasure!

I look forward to the rest of the week. I'm dreaming of a cinnamony, gingery, coriandery, succulent-juicy-dripping-down-your-fingers-and chin-chicken, moroccan feast I'm putting together this week.

Buon appetito!

Erobintica ha detto...


I'm hoping to grow some of that in my garden this year - planning an erotic vegetable garden. And if the groundhogs don't invade I'll have pictures to post!

Your feast sounds quite scrumptious.

Isabel Kerr ha detto...

Hi Robin,

Isn't it wonderful! Quite delicious too. The form just amazes me. It's a fractal. (cue, Brian Eno's Fractal Zoom here) Listen to me getting all nerdy!

Thanks, I can't wait to put the feast together for a friend on wednesday. I can smell it already.

Thanks for stopping by!

Emerald ha detto...

Thanks for posting this, Isabel. That is some sexy broccoli! ;) And Erobintica -- an erotic vegetable garden! What a cool idea!

Have a wonderful feast on Wednesday Isabel. :) I look forward to continuing to see you at ours too!


Isabel Kerr ha detto...

Thank you very much Emerald, and I'm getting such vicarious pleasure out of all this. Can't wait to enjoy the next courses.

The erotic vegetable garden brings to mind one of Shanna's stories from a while back... hmm I may have to go poking around to see if I can find it, it was wonderful, as always.

Now, off to the kitchen, mmmmm....

Thanks again,

chow, chow. ; )

Erobintica ha detto...


If you find Shanna's story, do let me know!