domenica 31 agosto 2008

Loves Labo(u)r's Lost

It is not lost on me that it is Labor Day weekend there and you all are hard at work not laboring away. Well, maybe not all of you. A labor of love, perhaps. I'm thinking of you and wish you a good holiday at the beach or wherever you are.

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Neve Black ha detto...

Hi Isabel,
Thank you. No beach, but sitting in a red adirondack chair while surf blogging and...working on a story.

I hope our schedules sync-up and we can grab a coffee or a glass, or bottle of wine while I'm in your world.

I'm so exciting to see have no idea.

Craig Sorensen ha detto...

Thanks for thinking of us.

Me, I've been writing most of the day like Neve there. Doing a little web surfing too, as evidenced by this visit! Doing a little grilling later.

All in all, a fine Labor Day.


Isabel Kerr ha detto...

Hi Neve, let's do all of the above, and top it off with a grappa! Well, maybe we'd have a little bite to eat along with ; )

Hi Craig, It's great to hear from you! When are you coming over? : ) : ) : )

Thanks for checking in, both of you, I really appreciate it. Hmmm, looks like I need to do some surfing and catch up on some of my favorite reading matter you two...

ciao e a presto

Craig Sorensen ha detto...

I hope sometime soon Isabel!

Isabel Kerr ha detto...

Craig, get in touch!