lunedì 23 giugno 2008

Part of the Panty Parade


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Craig Sorensen ha detto...

Hey Isabel,

I've been meaning to pop 'round and tell you how much I enjoyed "The Mutande of Barga." I went out and checked his other images and they were terrific.


Isabel Kerr ha detto...

Thanks Craig, aren't they wonderful! You can follow all of his work on (You can read some of my poetry there too. :-) )

I really appreciate hearing from you, I enjoy your work as well!

Neve Black ha detto...

Hi Isabel,
I was going to send you an e-mail message, but I didn't see an address on your blog.

I found you via the wonderful, Ms. Alison Tyler's blog.

I'm traveling to Italy for two weeks' in September; renting a villa in the Chianti region for one week. I do want to see the city of Lucca, as I've heard it's wonderful.

Because we share writing,more specifically, erotica writing, I wondered if you would have time to meet for a coffee?

If no. I completely understand, but I'm headed that way, so I thought I should extend a hello.

my e-mail address is:


p.s. I absolutely loved the knickers of barga piece. ;-)