venerdì 10 aprile 2009

Blown Away on An Island in the Sea

Blowhard, all talk and no action? I think not.

This has been an UNFORGETTABLE ‘round the world tour! In creativity, diversity, you've blown us away.

How many times and in how many different ways can we pay homage to cock sucking! Many, many it seems. A selfless act, it is the most reverential one can perform, giving exquisite pleasure without reciprocation. But the Pavlovian effect is undeniable. Just the thought of silky smooth skin, the soft cushion of the head over the rigid shaft on my upper lip...

So. Many. Thanks. to the sumptuous Sommer for jump starting this, and remember to comment for a chance to win
a sensationally salacious selection of filthy lucre.

And, remember to drop down on Neve Black's brand spanking new site for tomorrow’s indecent installment.

I’m six to nine hours ahead of most of you in time, and borrowing an internet connection, I really appreciate any and all comments you might make and I’ll reply as soon as I can, but if I don't get back to you right away you can be sure it's because I'm in a place where they are forcing me to stuff my face with all manner of Italian delicacies...well maybe not THAT one...

Today we are on an ancient volcanic Mediterranean island in the bay of Naples. At the far end of a natural stone jetty the dark stone castle of Aragon is perched high on top of a massive sea lapped rock. Narrow winding roads, flanked by dark green umbrella pines and citrus trees suspended at angles, lead from the seaport up into the hillsides. The damp spring air is a sweet and salty mix of fragrances of violet wisteria flower and the sea.

Here is a fantasy in which everything in the world may not be picture perfect, but is potently arousing nonetheless. (from

Whenever I See His Face

MY LOVER is the most beautiful man in the world. But when I think of him, I don’t picture his face.

When I think of him, I think of his cock. His broad, hard, straight cock, its taut sheath, its ripples, its soft cushioned lip against mine. Its long slit teasing my tongue, I taste its sweet liquid. I nestle my nose in its insertion near his balls. I smell his musky scent.

I evoke the sensation of gently sucking one testicle into my mouth, feeling it slip in his scrotal sac. I release it and suck the other in. Cupping his magnificent balls in my warm palm, I glide my tongue up the corpus to the tip of his penis and engulf it in my mouth. With a gentle undulation of my tongue, I suck lightly, at first, until he begs me to suck harder.

When I think of him, I think of his cock. The extreme sensation arouses me. My nipples tingle, my labia throb, my clit twinges, and my cunt contracts. My inner thigh muscles weaken. I am instantly wet.

I envision his big, muscular body, his long, large bones. I imagine his weight on me. I think of his cock as he presses against me, I feel his powerful thrust. The tension in his thighs. His slow build up. The way he glides in and out. Then his quick staccato rhythm. I feel him come, jerking into me.

When I think of him I think of his cock, and his insatiable appetite. I want him now. I see his scarred and battered face and I am aroused anew.

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Aisling Weaver ha detto...

Simply divine!

Thank you for a delightful beginning to the day, Isabel!

I'm off to take more cold medicine, but I'll stop back in later..


Alison Tyler ha detto...

Fabulous kick start to a Friday, Isabel. And I love the concept of being fixated on a part of a lover's body.

Oh, my gosh. This reminds me of something that happened last weekend. My friend Georgia sidles up to Sam and says, "Your fly is unzipped." Sam comes over to me and whispers, "Georgia's checking out my package." I nearly peed myself laughing. I immediately go and tell Georgia, who winks and says, "If he wants me to check out his package, he ought to put on tighter jeans."

God, I love my quick-witted friends.


P.S. You said "scrotal sac"! — I think this must mean you're part of the "scrotum conspiracy". Welcome.

Marina ha detto...

Absolutely stunning, Isabel! Just so beautiful!

"A selfless act, it is the most reverential one can perform, giving exquisite pleasure without reciprocation. But the Pavlovian effect is undeniable." That's really it, isn't it. It's special and intimate and an undeniably powerful act for both giver and receiver.

And your excerpt! Just so evocative, so present, so palpable! Simply magnificent! Thank you!

Isabel Kerr ha detto...

Thanks J.! Hope ou're feeling better soon.

Good early morning Alison. Thank you and that is too funny!!!

Thank you Marina!!!
Just the thought will get me going...

Your name is very evocative of where we are right now too.


Erobintica ha detto...

Isabel - this was lovely. And I love the word undulation - it's a very sexy word - whenever I hear it (even in non-erotic uses) it gets to me. All that tongue action.

I'll be back later.

Neve Black ha detto...

Wow! I'm blown away this a.m. by your words, Isabel. That piece is so hot and soooo sexy. Love it, love it, love it!

Oh and God, I know you mentioned traveling this week too. Wow! Yes, I'm blown away for the second time in one post: "Today we are on an ancient volcanic Mediterranean island in the bay of Naples. At the far end of a natural stone jetty the dark stone castle of Aragon..."

Holy Italian beautiful! I think I might be a tad bit envious as I look out at my regular urban street and grey skies today. Have a wonderful time and please if you get a minute, update your blog with more of those incredible and descriptive details. I think we'd all like to know about the hot Italians you run into as well. :-0

Thank you, Isabel. This was fabulous. Simply fabulous!


Sommer Marsden ha detto...

oh that was great Isabel! thanks for being a part of the tour.

your tone is so reverent in that piece. that is a good word, yes? I think Heidi had that word on her stop of the tour also. But it fits and I've always thought it did.

I love your final line. Men marked by time and life are the sexiest. At least I think so.

Bravo! :)


EllaRegina ha detto...

When I think of him, I think of his cock.

Ciao, Isabel!

I love your repetition of this line -- it's mesmerising. And I agree with Alison about fixating/focussing on a body part. It's like a portrait of the whole through one of its parts.

Also, what Sommer said about the reverent tone. That's exactly my reaction: an Ode to the Altar of Cock!

Wonderful! Mille grazie!

Anonimo ha detto...

I read the full opening paragraph and went mmmmmmm right out loud. Wow. You know how to make someone suddenly ache down there.

Italy. I could feel the cool caress of the pungent air as you described it. I could picture being entwined with someone else--naked or clothed, it would still feel delicious.

And, yeah, I loved the ending. Our men. Gorgeous and sexy with the travails of their life written all over their bodies.

Thank you for the sensuous vacation for all my senses today. I need a fantasy nap now.


Neve Black ha detto...

Hi again,
Just stopping back over to re-read Isabel's delicious words again.

"...When I think of him, I think of his cock. His broad, hard, straight cock, its taut sheath, its ripples, its soft cushioned lip against mine. Its long slit teasing my tongue..."

Okay, did I already mention how much I loved this? Is worth saying again though.


Jeremy Edwards ha detto...

a massive sea lapped rock

You sure know how to set the scene! And make the scene ... and play the scene ... Brava!

Donna ha detto...

Oh, Isabel, I join the chorus of ah's and oh's. This piece is truly beautiful, pure poetry, and yet earthy and arousing to the, uh, baser instincts.

When I think of him, I think of his cock.

Me, too!

I have to disagree that fellatio is at all selfless--you contradict that with your own words very nicely ;-). For a heterosexual woman, cock sucking is the closest we'll get to recreating our earliest nourishment. The experience is satisfying in a primal way--not that it necessarily leads to orgasm, but it can certainly be very transporting.

Thank you so much for the gorgeous setting, the genuine passion, the magic!

Sommer Marsden ha detto...

i just came to say, I am thinking of him. and his cock. and his scars. I may be one armed but i think thanks to isabel's work i might be getting lucky soon ;)

Isabel Kerr ha detto...

Thank every single one of you for every last comment.

It is so beautiful, sensuous and sexy here but all that is is the eye of the beholder isn't it. Even rgular urban streets and grey skies can be sexy, I would bet my bottom dollar you could turn it into that neve. Undulation is a sexy word isn't it Robin, and action, thank you! Especially men marked by time, Sommer. Experience counts. And the Itaian's are so good at worshipping aren't they EllaRegina :)Thank you Cerulean, could be the color of the sea down here too. Thank you Jeremy (takes bow) ; )Thank yo so much Donna!

Now I'm very very sorry I have to sign off. You are so wonderful, thank you e sogni d'oro.

xx xx

Isabel Kerr ha detto...

I snuck back in! Donna, I have to add that in addition to sucking cock being a recreation of our earliest...I have used the metaphor(?) of wanting him to suck (my breast) so hard I give milk... talk about primal...and that can lead to orgasm...

Thank you and good night

Buona notte signorin(e)
baci e abbracci

Kristina Wright ha detto...

Lovely piece, Isabel. I'd love a picture to go with it (of the island, I mean...) :)

Emerald ha detto...

Beautiful description Isabel! I love the details about the fits so well with the eroticism of your story! Lovely!

Donna, what a fascinating point about the correlation with our earliest form of nourishment. I don't think that had ever occurred to me before.

Thanks for hosting today, Isabel -- I am still picturing the beautiful images you described as I type this!

Craig Sorensen ha detto...


Outstanding, Isabel.

I'm glad I didn't read this before I went to work. I wouldn't have gotten a thing done.

I think I may be blushing...

Erobintica ha detto...

Isabel! You made Craig blush!

Sommer Marsden ha detto...

Craig made me blush. You made Craig blush. And the circle goes on...heh heh

Cora Zane ha detto...

My, my, my...that is absolutely hot! Delicious excerpt, Isabel. I prefer a man with a rugged face, so this is especially appealing.

Isabel Kerr ha detto...

Thank you all so much! I'm so sorry I can't say more, right now I will soon, and try to give you a photo too, of the castle Of Course!!!